Beneficial acquisitions

Are you just starting to invest in real estate or are you already a real estate investor? My advice will ensure you make the right choice. I will guide you so that your investment choices are in line with your current, medium and long-term needs. Winning strategies, wise purchases, paying properties.

Acquiring a profitable property requires hours of research, good control of one’s emotions, specialized knowledge and a lot of experience. Let me find you opportunities that will achieve your goals.


Expertise in Income Property Acquisition.

Buying an income property is an excellent gateway to wealth. It is still necessary to buy well. My commitment to finding you the best investment opportunities is total. My negotiation skills ensure that you pay the best possible price. As the owner of several income properties myself, I know at my fingertips all the steps that ensure a winning transaction and a profitable purchase.

Expertise in Subsidized Private Daycare Acquisition.

I had to negotiate to acquire several private subsidized daycares and sold more than twenty subsidized daycares. After overcoming immense challenges with financing and the complex rules of this industry, I am now sharing my expertise to help you acquire or sell your daycare.

Expertise in the Acquisition of Residences for the Elderly and Franchises.

Buying a franchise is easy, but buying a profitable one is another matter. I’ve tried to acquire several franchises myself in my career, so I know the difference between good opportunities and bad deals. Senior living facilities can also be a gold mine in the post-baby boomer era. I have accumulated a lot of expertise over the last few years in this sector. Let me guide you to the success of these acquisition processes that can sometimes be hazardous.